10 Surprisingly Dark Series Finales In Kid Friendly Shows


Nobody wants their favorite show to end. It’s never a happy thing, especially when it doesn't bring us any kind of closu re. Wait until you see these surprisingly dar series finales. We’ve included shows like “Teen Titans,” because the ending teaches one of the harshest life lessons ever. Even “Full House’s” ending was dark considering Michelle Tanner lost her memory. And then there are shows like “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” that imply Mac finally growing up and letting go of his imaginary friends. We also mentioned the one and only “Roseanne,” because the final season was just weird. “Samurai Jack” also made the cut because no one was really ready to see that ending. We also mentioned “ALF,” “Gravity Falls” and plenty of others! These are the 10 surprisingly dark series finales in kid-friendly shows!