10 Superpowers You Didnt Know Thor Has


When it comes to superheroes, very few can top the superpowers of Thor. Thor is a superhero and a God. He has abilities none other have or would ever be able to replicate. A lot of these superpowers fans know of. However, there are many powers few know of.

His golden tongue is a powerful superpower where he can talk with anyone, any being, or thing which exists in every dimension known and unknown. How you ask? Because his golden tongue translate whatever he says into whoever he is speaking to’s native language.

Thor is also basically invincible. There is not really anything which can destroy him. Extreme heat? He’s good. Subzero temperatures? He’s good. Human weapons trying to impale him? Laughable.

Mother nature is his best friend. When others are running from global destruction he does not cowar. This is because he has the superpower ability to control mother nature. Yep, he is that zen with life.

He has a powerful mind capable of resisting telepathic attacks and he can even control beings with it as well. Imagine being able to control your boss or teacher? How cool. Okay, maybe fight off evil too.

Thor is beyond powerful when he uses his God Blast. This blast destroys almost everything in its path.

In Marvel’s Ultimate Universe Thor even has the ability to teleport without having to use his trusty hammer.

Thor even took a page from Wolverine’s superpower playbook with his ability to self heal. It’s not as crazy cool as Wolverines but damn close.

There are quite a few more superpowers to learn about. Including the coolest one of all, his rage mode. Check it out and watch the video.