10 Superpowers You Didnt Know Batman Has


Since Batman took the law into his hands in nineteen thirty nine he’s been renowned for this fighting skills and his awesome gadgets. However, occasionally Batman slipped through the ethereal threshold and earned magical powers. In the series, Superman and Batman: Generations - Batman finds immortality and Supe ages albeit slowly compared to humans. When the Golden Era Dynamic Duo earn the near useless powers like controlling rope, steel, rubber and wood, well that was a parlour trick. At one point Batman knew everything while kicking back in Metron’s chair. At the end of Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne, Darkseid sends Wayne hurling through time and he’s gonna explode when he returns to present time, literally. The Amazo Virus changes Batman to ManBat but as fun as that sounds, it’ll kill him before the antidote is found. The Suit of Sorrows sounds good on paper but these threads will drive Bruce Wayne batty. Sunny days are ahead for the Caped Crusader and Dracula as Batman becomes a Vampire, this makes total sense as he finished Dracula and his minions with a tanning session. Symbiotes always get under the skin, including Batman’s - and he used it liberally until he hung it up for the sake of public safety. No one expected Batman to become a grant wishing Genie in Detective Comics # 322 and the Larko Lamp heist made it so. Three wishes for the bad guys? Nope! Finally, in Batman: In Darkest Knight he’s starting out in the biz and failing until a ghost conveniently leads him to a dying Green Lantern. Sinestro complicates his life and a bunch of innocent people have to die.