10 Superpowers You Didnt Know Antman Has


With the introduction of Ant-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the release of Ant-Man in 2015, fans have been asking a lot of questions about this superhero. He can be a bit confusing at times with the alias “Ant-Man”. He isn’t a man who was raised by insects or has any insect-like qualities at all. Ant-Man spends most of his day as a regular sized person. Who is Ant-Man? What do we know about him? There is a lot of mystery surrounding Ant-Man.

We know there are two main characters who have taken up the mantle over the years. There is world renowned scientist and former superhero Dr. Henry “Hank” Pym. Then there is thief Scott Lang who stumbled into Pym’s house and into the Ant-Man world. Ant-Man uses a synthetic stretch suit that comes with a cybernetic helmet to keep him safe as he transforms into different sized versions of himself. He changes size using Pym Particles, which are subatomic particles that allow the user to shed or gain mass.

That is all we really knew about Ant-Man. That is, until now. Did you know that Ant-Man’s density and mass remain the same when he decreases in size? It allows him to have enhanced durability and stamina. The mass he sheds goes into a different dimension. Pretty cool, right? He can also become Giant-Man, which gives him extraordinary strength and size. He has enhanced combat skills thanks to Captain America. Paired with genius intellect, the Ant-Man mantle is one filled with endless potential. That’s why we are unlocking all the Ant-Man secret powers!