10 Superpowers You Didn Know Deadpool Has


Deadpool is like ice cream; I scream, you scream, someone screams when he cuts off their arm for Deadpool. The Merc with a Mouth took moviegoers by surprise last year, making the character the highest grossing R-Rated superhero movie ever.

And they even found a way to make Ryan Reynolds ugly.

The movie showed off some of the power sets that Deadpool has gained over the years in the comics books. If you want to know about the best super powers the anti-hero Deadpool has, watch the video and share with your friends afterwards.

We know that Deadpool has some sort of healing ability. But did you know that it basically makes him similar to a vampire? Team Edward for Wade Wilson. He also has apparent super strength, as he showed when he took several super beatings in the movie.

If you ran into Deadpool on the street, he would probably make fun of you, but he will definitely talk to you. No matter what language you speak, for he is a merc with a multilingual mouth. In addition to knowing several ways to speak, Deadpool has lots (and lots) of pouches. Many of them capable of holding items way bigger than they should; bags of holding apparently.

Magic pouches aren’t the only item in Wade Wilson’s repertoire. At one point, Deadpool had some nifty new technologies that he used to his advantage; teleportation and image inducing. He doesn’t use these any more, but maybe they’ll show up in Deadpool 2.

There's more as well. WAtch the video, and let us know in the comments what is your favorite Deadpool power.