10 Superheroes That Should Join Guardians of the Galaxy


Guardians of the Galaxy was a huge surprise hit for Marvel. Prior the film’s release, very few people even know about this rag tag team of misfits except for those who were diehard fans of the obscure 1970s comic. Since it came out, it seems the Guardians are everywhere, from films to animated shows to a resurgence in the comic book interest. And while the Guardians are a pretty rad team on their own right, how crazy would it be if they had some help from other super beings on the big screen? Sure, most of these couldn’t even happen, the DC verse is pretty strict on cross overs, but one can totally see Superman traveling through space and meeting up with the gang, Batman wanting to try working on a different team and wonder woman bringing Quill back home to Earth. From the Marvel roster though, there are a bunch that would make sense, including Asgard’s current space gladiator champion Hulk and his competition, Thor as well as Miss Marvel, whose Kree technology fits in with the established story and of course the web slingers, Venom and Spiderman, who will likely want to research the extraterrestrial symbiote and mingle with the team respectively. So strap into your seats, pop in your cassettes and prepare to take off!