10 Superheroes That SHOULD Be Left Out Of Infinity War


It is finally in our sights. After ten years and dozens of movies, television shows and Netflix series, the masterpiece of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is upon us. It may be just the first part of a two part epic, but fans are drooling over themselves regardless. The MCU has done so well telling the stories of our favourite heroes like Iron Man, Captain America and Spider-Man that we are worked up into the frenzy at the thought of seeing all of them collide together. The Guardians of The Galaxy meeting Thor, Spider-Man teaming up with Doctor Strange oh my it’s sooo good. But as massive as the cast is, not every single person who’s been in the MCU will have a part to play in this massive two parter.

Then again, there are some people who ARE going to be in Infinity War who really shouldn’t be if you think about it. Fighting off goons in tech suits is one thing but Thanos and his Black Order are on a completely different level of danger and threat that a lot of Marvel’s heroes have never dealt with before. There’s that reason and there’s stuff like Iron Fist that nobody should have to look at ever again. So join as we comb through ten superheroes from the MCU that SHOULD be left out of Infinity War. Once again, we re-iterate that lots of these heroes are likely going to be in it anyway but this is our opinion. Got it? Let’s go.