10 Superheroes That Marvel CAN'T Bring To The MCU


The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) seems unstoppable. As Phase Three concludes with Avengers: Infinity War, fans wait to see what new characters will make their MCU debut. It won’t be any of these superheroes, as Marvel sold their rights long ago… and they’re not coming back anytime soon. Don’t hold your breath to see the X-Men sharing stories with the Avengers. Contain your excitement at seeing Wolverine tangle with Captain America or Deadpool go quip for quip with your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. These situations can only exist in the comics because the MCU doesn’t own the film rights to some of their beloved creations. Watch this video, and wonder what could've been, as we discuss 10 Superheroes That Marvel CAN'T Bring To The MCU.