10 Superheroe Movies That Are Both Good And Bad AT The Same Time


Superhero films have gained popularity in recent years, and for good reason—they’re fun to watch. But not all superhero films have been hits. In fact, several have been total and complete failures, utterly devoid of entertainment value and with plot lines that leave fans scratching their heads in confusions. Here’s looking at you, Batman Vs Superman.

On the other hand, sometimes films can be bad but still good. Something about them, whether their ridiculous effects or horrible footage, endear them to us. Sometimes they’re entertaining even if they lack critical value. Here are our picks for ten superhero films that are both good and bad at the same time. In a way, Schrodinger's films.

Take films like Hancock, Daredevil, or any of the other lesser-known, not-so-successful superhero films of the past twenty years. While these films weren’t necessarily bad, they were far from good. They fell short for some reason or another. Maybe they got too philosophical; after all, superhero movies are about action and ass-kicking, not deep messages. Despite their cult followings, these films failed to live up to their expectations.

We’ve taken the time to look at the ten superhero movies that we both loved and hated. Watching these movies today is a roller coaster of emotion -- half wondering why we subject ourselves to it, and the other half enjoying every second of the ride. Check out this list and let us know which films you agree should be on this list and if any appear that you think are unfairly judged.