10 Superhero Weaknesses You Never Knew About


Believe it or not, many superheroes have died before in comics and on the big screen. But because of the power of the superhero, a convenient plot device or a generous writer, said hero often comes back to life, usually within a few issues. On film, the hero may even come back in the same feature, much like Nick Fury in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Many people thought Professor X was done for in X Men: The Last Stand, but those who stayed after the credits learned that he did not in fact die. Those who missed out were a little surprised when he showed up at the end of the Wolverine. Many popular characters bit the dust for real and have been lucky enough to come back. Superman fought against Doomsday and perished in the fight, Green Lantern against Dr. Polaris and even Batman against Darkseid. All these heroes were certified toast, but thanks to either great timing, foresight or luck, they all managed to come back. Jean Grey didn’t make it in the comics but came back as the Phoenix, before quickly transforming into the Dark Phoenix, which would become one of the most popular X Men arcs ever.Spider Man has even died on multiple occasions, but thankfully it’s never been permanent. A recent addition to the MCU, Mantis was seemingly out of the picture during the Secret Invasion arc but was actually presumed dead, she was in fact alive but not in the best of situations. Other heroes like Groot have sacrificed themselves for the team and have come back while Jason Todd was seemingly out of the picture for quite a while before returning to the comics, but not as the same man he was before.