10 Superhero Weaknesses You Never Knew About


When it comes to superheroes, the first thing we think of are their awesome superpowers. Which of their abilities is the coolest? What powers would we like to have? We look up to them as these incredible beings who can overcome anything, and they usually do. But we never really think about their weaknesses. And we should because they are very real (well as real as they can be in comic book worlds). There are some weaknesses that are as iconic as the heroes themselves and then there are some that are much more obscure. We have compiled a list of weaknesses that you might not have heard of. Did you know that Aquaman can find out of water, but if he becomes dehydrated, he loses his powers? Also, his fellow Justice League founding member, Wonder Woman wasn’t always an icon for feminism. Her creator made one of her weaknesses that she loses her powers if her hands are bound by a man. The best one of all is that Green Lantern can be bested by the color yellow. That’s right, his ring doesn’t work against the color of sunshine. Even Batman takes a crack at him, trapping him inside of an all yellow room, how cruel. We know that superman is weak against kryptonite but did you know there are other colors of kryptonite? And that each one has a different effect on the man of steel? If you want to know what else made our list, watch our video and find out.