10 Superhero Stories That Should Have Been Left Un Touched


We all know that when a character meets their demise in the world of comics, it never sticks. The saying goes that the only characters who will actually stay dead are Uncle Ben and Batman’s parents. And even those have come back as ghosts or in an alternate universe.

It’s totally understandable, we suppose. Certain characters have grown so popular that fans will pay a lot of money to read and watch about them. They’ll pay even more to see them permanently defeated, only to come back a year or two later when sales start sagging. No matter how many times they are knocked down, they get back up. Much to our chagrin, but that’s why their superheroes we suppose.

Smaller characters, like Elektra, are sometimes created to eventually die. Yet, they always find a way back. Johnny Storm sacrificed himself to save the world. Guess who’s back, back again? Speaking of sacrifice to save the day, Barry Allen was deemed dead to never come back again – till he did, and is now all over movies and television as The Flash.

Sometimes you actions cause you to be pushed aside, like Hank Pym. The founding Avenger found his spotlight dimmed after a miscommunication between a writer and artist. Another Avenger, Steve Rogers, has died a few times. Yer, even though someone capable carried the shield, he is still synonymous with the name Captain America.

Even two of the biggest ever, Batman and Superman, have been there and back again. Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent have had knocked on death's door a few times. Disappearing for a small while, only to return when they were the hero the world needed.

We’re not sure if they’ll ever leave any of these superhero stories alone. Till then, we’ll just enjoy watching them come back, again and again… and again.