10 Superhero Presidencies That Actually Happened


Should a superhero be President of the United States? That’s a question that we in the real world don’t have to ask ourselves, but in the fictional universes of DC and Marvel, where superpowered and super-intelligent human beings are everywhere, doesn’t it stand to reason that a superhero or a supervillain might take over the Oval Office every once in while. In times of crisis, it might seem reasonable to hand over the nuclear launch codes to an unimpeachable good guy like Captain America or Superman, who have both been President in different iterations of the DC universe. On the other hand, the citizens of the United States could be lured into false promises by a genius supervillain like Lex Luthor, who gained popularity by posing as a strong leader for the nation. Other times, it’s the female superheroes who have made it to office, like Wonder Woman and Batgirl. Sometimes, superheroes haven’t even been the best of Presidents. While Thor presided over the United States in an alternate timeline, the Skrull infiltrated Earth and staged an invasion, all because they convinced the Asgardian warrior that they were his friends. Another superhero President, Nighthawk, had his mind controlled by the supervillain Over-Mind, proving that maybe superheroes aren’t the best choice to be the public face of the presidency. In other storylines, villains like Doctor Doom and Red Skull took over the office of presidency by force, but it’s not always so bad. In a more recent DC series, teenage Beth Ross became “Prez,” and was elected to the office by Twitter poll.