10 Superhero Moments Found In Popular Animated Movies


Animated movies hold a special place in the hearts of many movie fans. Many of us grow up with animated features and continue to love them well into our adult life. Aside from animation, one of the most popular films out there right now are the superhero genre. So just how many animated films have superhero moments in them? Turns out, quite a lot. Some of them are thematic, some of them are straight up references. Films like Disney’s Big Hero 6 and Wreck it Ralph and Pixar’s Toy Story accept the fact that being a superhero means that you may have to make the ultimate sacrifice while the Lego Batman movie’s most heroic moment is when Batman forgives the Joker. The Boss baby has a great nod to Indiana Jones, who may not have superpowers, but is a bonafide superhero in our books. The man fought both the supernatural and Nazis. The Incredibles from Pixar are a family of superheroes, who come to together in the end and combine all their powers while the Minions movie actually has its own version of the San Diego Comic Con, the mecca for geeky comic book stuff. How to train your dragon 2 and Kubo and the two strings have awesome superhero styled finales, full of effects and battles that would rival any live action superhero film coming out these days. Even the Peanuts movie, which brought Charlie Brown and Snoopy back to the big screen had some superhero moments involving bravery and rescue. How about that!