10 Superhero Characters That Should Never Have Been In Movies


We love that superheroes have taken over Hollywood. As avid comic book fans, we could not be happier that our favorite characters are being translated on screen. Most of the time, these movies have been on point, especially when it deals with special effects. However, because there are so many superhero movies being released every year, sometimes they can’t all be hits. Sometimes these big budget movies miss their mark. When it comes to characters, they aren’t always cast perfectly. We’ve compiled a list of characters that should not have been included on the film adaptations.

The first one the list is the iconic Joker. Heath Ledger revamped the classic character and made him his own. He portrayed a truly terrifying version and there was no competition. So when it came to suicide squad, the writers made the choice to include the joker. They decided to make him a totally different character, complete with gangster tattoos, pimpmobile, and a totally different appearance. Although Jared tried, it was just not good. Deadshot in the same film was played by Will Smith. He was underwritten and they did not use Will Smith’s charms. One character that was severely miscast was Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. He was twitchy, sporadic, and had no real motivation for being a villain. Another character in Superman’s life in Man of Steel is his father Jonathan Kent. He was completely lackluster and told his son to hide his powers and keeping him from realizing his full potential. What was the point of this character?

Want to know who else made our list? Watch our video and find out.