10 Superhero Actors Who Have Amazing Origin Stories


When it comes to our favorite comic book heroes, they each have an iconic look to them. With the rise in comic book films and their takeover of hollywood, there seems to be no slowing down. So why do we love these movies so much? Well, it’s because they are creating live action version of our favorite heroes and playing our deepest and wildest imaginations on screen. But the first place they start is by finding the perfect actor to cast in the role of each hero, or villain. Once that choice is made, it’s a hit...or miss. But the hits make us love the actors even more because some of them seem as though they were born to play the role, or at the very least, they bring new life into the characters. But as with any big love affair, we want to know more about them and their past and real life origins. Who are these actors who put on our favorite heroes’ uniforms?

Well before he was the beloved Star Lord, Chris Pratt was waiting tables in Maui and was later on the hit comedy Parks and Recreation. Before Tom Holland was chosen to play Spider-Man, he was a lead on a hit Broadway show. He can sing and dance, and he’s a superhero, what can’t this guy do? Want to know who else made our list and their origins? Or maybe you want to know what these actors were doing before they became your favorite heroes? Watch our video and find out.