10 Stranger Things Season 2 Theories That Make Us Question Everything


It’s here, it finally happened. Stranger Things season 2 premiered with a bang and we couldn’t be more excited. If you binge watched like we did, then you are also now waiting to see what happens next. But for now, let’s talk about what we also love best, theories. Wait till you hear this theory about Bob, it’s insane.

Also, if you’ve been trapped in the Upside Down and haven’t been able to watch season 2, this video contains spoilers. You have been warned. But if you have watched the season and binged while eating Eggos then we have some theories to share with you.

Like, have you ever wondered what the upside down is? Well one theory suggests that it’s the future...a post apocalyptic wasteland. Another suggest that it is a gateway to multiple dimensions, which is why you have different creatures and new one called the Mindflayer.

One fun theory suggests that the Stranger Things world is connected to Stephen King’s multiverse. Another fun one on the subject of the master of Horror, Bob is one of the survivors of Stephen King’s It. He does mention being afraid as a child of a clown who terrorizes him and he mentions wanting to move to maine.

After we saw Eleven’s tattoo, we figured she was number eleven in the experiments. Season two introduced us to 008, or Kali as she is called. Could there be more siblings out there? One theory says yes.

Want to know what else made our list? Watch our video and find out.