10 Stranger Things Fan Theories That Will Blow Your Mind


Stranger Things is such a great series and it really took everyone by surprise at just how good it was when it hit Netflix and, subsequently, our small screens in 2016. The story of a fictional town in Indiana, by the name of Hawkins, and the bizarre things that go on there really captured our collective imaginations. The cast was great, as were the characters they played, and the story was really interesting with an amazing retro feel (it is set in the 1980s, and is full of 80s references, after all). As a result, everyone was talking about the awesome science-fiction horror series - and that has resulted in a lot of fans of the show discussing their incredible theories about it. With season two just around the corner (it hits screens just before Halloween on the 27th of October in 2017), this video will discuss just a few of those awesome theories. The theories in question are; Eleven being intimately linked to the scary Upside Down dimension, Will Byers being a kind of human/monster hybrid, Eleven and "Monster Will" potentially having an epic battle against each other, Barb coming back as a monster, the Demogorgon being a weapon of the government, the monster in season two being Dungeons & Dragons' Thessalhydra, the Upside Down being a future version of Hawkins or a victimised Hawkins from another dimension, Nancy Wheeler getting romantically involved with Jonathan Byers and, finally, Eleven being the daughter of Hawkins police chief Jim Hopper.