10 Stranger Things Easter Eggs And References You Totally Missed


Stranger Things took the world by storm with its amazing sci fi premise and insanely great tug on our nostalgic heartstrings. The show took us back to our favorite sci fi films we watched as kids, and even some that our parents watched. The Duffer Brothers created an amazing show to say the least. But if while watching it, you felt a sense of familiarity throughout, it is because the show is also laced with brilliantly done references to classic Sci-fi and horror films. They were able to interweave several homages and easter eggs into various episodes. We have compiled a list of some of the many references made in the show.

The first of which is most obviously E.T. The show and movie are both about an “alien” who threatens the normalcy of society. E.T. and Eleven both have powers and love tasty treats, cue eggos and reese’s pieces. Also, Eleven’s blonde wig and dress totally looks like E.T.’s blonde wig and dress. And we can’t forget the flying bicycle chase can we? In Stranger Things, Eleven flips a van full of scientific baddies to allow her and her crew to get away.

Do you love how creepy the Upside Down is? Does it seem at all familiar? That’s because it seems like the Alien franchise. The facehugger pods in Alien seem to have been an influence for the portal to the Upside Down, complete with slimy webbing.

Want to know what else made our list? Be sure to check out our video and find out. You won’t regret it.