10 Star Wars Movie Mistakes You Totally Missed


Luke’s Ghost

It’s no secret that some of George Lucas’s “improvements” on the original film weren’t popular with fans, but just as many new mistakes seemed to slip into new editions. When Luke’s aunt and uncle wake up to find him already out searching for R2-D2, there’s something off about the shot of the empty homestead. What looks like rolling film is actually a still image, with a ghostly image of Luke visible in one of the doorways. Was Skywalker a Force ghost the entire time, and fans just never knew? Creepy.

Wired Lightsabers

The weapons of the Jedi Knights were more than cutting edge, but on set, they’re were actually a clever use of old-fashioned tech. The swords had three sides covered in reflective tape, which would rotate to give off a shimmering effect. It worked wonders at the time – except when Obi-Wan and Darth Vader first face off, and the white power cord is clearly visible running from from the Jedi’s saber up his sleeve

Rebel Editing

George Lucas didn’t have every detail of his story down pat before filming, which meant a few scenes had to be edited out or trimmed down in post-production. When Luke is reunited with his friend Biggs before the attack on the Death Star, their commanding officer shows up to meet his newest pilot. The man originally made an offhand comment about knowing Luke’s father, but knowing what problems that would cause, Lucas decided to edit it out, obscuring the cut with an unknown person walking in front of the camera. Unfortunately, R2-D2’s sudden jump in the background made sure the cut would stand out for all time.

Colorless Droids

The special effects team basically created the entire industry with Star Wars, so some mistakes can be forgiven. These days we know that if a character is dressed in blue, a green backdrop will be needed to add in effects. In the first movie, that fact slipped by. So with every shot of R2-D2 riding aboard Luke’s X-Wing, it’s hard to miss his blue paint job suddenly turned black, effectively rendered see-through thanks to the blue screen used by the crew.

Tipping Walkers

No Star Wars fan will forget the adrenaline rush, or the laughter of seeing a massive Imperial Walker brought down with a single rope in the Battle of Hoth. But Luke proves he doesn’t need anything but a lightsaber and a thermal detonator to bring one to its knees. It’s an impressive stunt, but a little less fantastic when you notice the stick being used to simply push up one of the walker’s back feet to tip it to one side

What’s My Line?

When the Falcon finds a home in a massive space worm, a tremor sends Princess Leia into the captain’s arms. It’s hard to know how many times the actors had to perform the scene, but Harrison Ford clearly got bored first. When Carrie Fisher tells her co-star that she’s less than excited, Ford silently mouths her entire line along with her.