10 Spider-Man Moments We Need To See In The MCU


He may not be the smartest hero. He may not be the strongest hero. He might not even be the funniest. The fact remains though that decade after decade since 1962, Spider-Man has been crown jewel of the Marvel Universe.

With his relatable character, multi-dimensional villains and the best supporting cast of any superhero, Spider-Man has remained Marvel’s number one money maker. After shipping off his film rights to Sony for years, Marvel Studios has finally reclaimed the wall-crawler. What a homecoming indeed. The previous Amazing Spider-Man film series were poorly received but Kevin Feige and his crew can easily wash the bad taste out of our words by including some of these incredible moments.

The biggest reason why Spider-Man is a relatable character is not just because Peter Parker is a middle class kid from Queens. It’s because he’s nowhere near infallible. He makes mistakes, he doesn’t have all the answers but he tries his hardest anyway. He will never ignore his responsibility to help others because of his great power. Whether life throws him, whether it be green goblins, octopus or tragic deaths, Peter Parker will forge on.

Thank God he has because if he didn’t we wouldn’t get all these awesome moments. Some are funny, some are fist pumping awesome and others are sad. But all are spectacular… sensational… amazing.