Even with all of their record breaking films and great characters, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was missing something for the longest time. A certain arachnid teenager who knows something about power, responsibility and profitability; of course we mean Spider-Man! Now that Marvel Studios has shared custody rights with Sony to Spidey’s movies a myriad of Spider-Man storylines from his over 50 year history are available. A lot of them are amazing, but some of them are… unspectacular.

A big reason why a lot of these stories would be so awful for the MCU is that Spidey is supposed to be a relatable character. Especially in a film universe where the Avengers tackle international threats and the Guardians of the Galaxy handle outer space dangers, Spidey needs to be that local New York hero who stays grounded. Many of these stories though are way out there with sci-fi and just plain bizarre elements that don’t fit Spider-Man’s world. Clones, devils and robot duplicates are all seen here when they really shouldn’t be. There is a world of potential for Spider-Man in the MCU, here’s hoping that Marvel Studios never look at these stories and if they do, they promptly burn them in a lovely fire.