10 Spider-Man Homecoming Mistakes That Are Already Found


Spider-Man is one of the most revered super heroes. Children and adults around the world revel to be him. They flock to theatres for any version of the Spider they can watch. The filmmakers in charge of creating them do everything they can to ensure a flawless viewing. But as with any film there is always going to be mistakes and mistakes need to be pointed out. It is the only way to can grow. A van appears during a fight scene, disappears, and reappears. A boat splits in half during a fight scene and everyone on board somehome vanish and reappear. The cars aboard do the same. On the same boat there are motorcycles during a fight scene that for some reason disappear and never show up again. Money on a film set is asking for someone to steal it. Especially when it’s millions of dollars worth. This is why they use fake money. The Avengers building faces one direction in the Doctor Strange Film and in another direction with Spider-Man Homecoming. A police officer aiming his rifle at Spidey all of a sudden has his rifle pointing down in another subsequent shot. A trash can full of garbage mysteriously disappears. Some dude literally hangs out while a boat is sinking into the ocean to stare at spider man. International fugitive, Captain America, is still allowed to teach high school students fitness through guided videos. The Spider-Man Homecoming trailer gives away way too much information just as its predecessors have. There you have it. Stay tuned for more Spider-Man: Homecoming mistakes videos to hit your notification box.