10 Shows You Didn't Know Are Coming To Netflix In 2018


Netflix is like a revolving door of content. With movies, TV shows, and comedy specials, it’s hard to keep track of everything coming to the digital streaming service. Thankfully, Netflix likes to announce things ahead of time, so you can prepare your queue and get excited for what the company has to offer. 2018 is filled with all types of new television series that could become huge hits.

Emma Stone and Jonah Hill are teaming up for the bizarre comedy and drama series known as Maniac. Arrested Development felt like it was a one and done season for the Netflix revival, but there will be a season 5 released at some point in 2018. Netflix has done a lot of revivals, spin-offs, and remakes including the future release of Lost in Space. The Brazilian show “Samantha!” will focus on a former child star looking to make it big again. The Coen Brothers have entered the world of Netflix with a western anthology series known as The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. The French series Osmosis will feature a digital dating app that can find your true love using special technology. Zombies are coming to Netflix in the form of Kingdom, a Korean-based series. An Australian mystery named Tidelines will premiere in 2018 and feature a lot of beautiful footage from the land down under. Black Earth Rising has been kept under wraps a lot, but will focus on solving and punishing individuals for war crimes. IF you’ve never watched the Netflix show Love, 2018 would be a great time as it enters season 3.