10 Shockingly Inappropriate Scenes In Kids Movies



While Judy Hopps acts as if she’s above corruption when investigating the missing Otter in Zootopia, she uses several questionable tactics to uncover the mystery. Including but not limited to blackmailing and coercing Nick, as well as colluding with Zootopia’s organized crime element. Judy’s ‘by the book’ persona goes out the window completely when she has Mr. Big threaten to ice Duke Weaselton in order to scare some information out of him. I guess the moral of this story is that the ends justify the means.

Toy Story 

As early as their first film, Pixar was slipping in jokes that only older viewers would catch. Did you ever notice the toy in Toy Story that’s a clear allusion to the sex trade industry? Of course this is in the deranged Sid’s bedroom, seen when all of his mutilated toys come out from under the bed. There’s one that looks like a Barbie doll’s legs attached onto a fishing line with a hook on the end, literally turning her into a hooker.


There’s a lot more that’s inappropriate about Lord Farquaad than just his name. Did you ever wonder what he was doing in his bed when he asks the mirror to show him Princess Fiona’s image again and again? There’s even a subtle movement under his covers when he take a peak for some reason. Really the Mirror’s disgusted face says it all. 

Toy Story 3 

One of the great things about Toy Story 3 was that it felt like it was made for fans who grew up with the first film and were now the same age as Andy as he headed off for College. The image of Woody’s friends joining hands and accepting their impending incineration recalls stories told about real-life tragedies. This is easily one of Pixar’s most intensely disturbing moments, thank god for THE CLAW saving the day just as the toys had accepted their fate. 

Despicable Me 2 

Even though Despicable Me 2 was only released a few years ago, there’s one scene that probably wouldn’t make it past censors today. When Gru is having a bad date with the shallow, annoying Shannon, Lucy saves him by shooting Shannon in the rear with a mild moose tranquilizer. While it’s obvious that Gru didn’t administer the drugs himself, just having a date end up drugged and in such a compromising position is bad for business, even for a supervillain.

The Good Dinosaur 

Considering that The Good Dinosaur seemed to be more in line with Cars, in that it was a Pixar film with very little adult appeal, there was one scene that seemed particularly out of place. No, not the scene where Arlo’s father dies, by now that’s par for the course in Disney film, I’m talking about the scene the where Arlo and Spot trip balls (hallucinate) on some rotten fruit. Their out of body experience looks like a pretty fun time, despite the brief drug hangover. 

Inside Out 

As if Inside Out’s Riley doesn’t have enough problems, it’s likely things could actually get worse for the 11 year old. Things got so bad in the film that she stole her mom’s credit card, ran away and hopped a bus to Minnesota. While we see her finally adjusting to her new home near the end, we can’t help but think her world could be easily crushed again if her dad ever finds out that her mom daydreams of an ex boyfriend anytime she needs to go to her happy place, implying she regrets her choice in husbands. Perhaps the sequel will be about Riley’s emotions during her parents’ turbulent divorce.


In the 1980s the lines between kids movies and  adult fare was a little more blurred than it is now. For example you have a film like Ghostbusters, a PG-13 movie with lots of mild swearing and sexual innuendo, yet marketed towards kids with toys and an animated series. One scene in particular that shouldn’t make any sense to younger viewers is as brief as it is inappropriate. We’re referring of course to the now infamous felatio scene that implies Ray is receiving oral sex from a ghost. Don’t expect anything like this in this summer’s reboot.