10 Shocking Wardrobe Malfunctions You Never NoticedIn Popular FIlms


Wardrobe malfunctions are like little presents you never expected to get. We go crazy for these moments when they happen to celebrities in real life. But, at this point, they’ve almost become expected. Ever since female celebrities stopped wearing underwear and started getting out of cars with their legs above their heads, celebrity wardrobe malfunctions have become normalized in everyday life. But movies are still a different world, a safe haven for the malfunctioning. We’re not used to seeing these types of things in films because we expect editors and censors to catch everything. Truthfully, they do catch almost all of these incidents before they reach us. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be so special when they’re missed, but the key word here is “almost.” The odd time it does happen, it’s a magical treat.

So, you’re watching a movie that you know has no nudity. Hell, it doesn’t even have any place and it wouldn’t even feel right. That’s what you tell yourself. But then, you see something. Was that a nipple? Wait. Rewind it. Suddenly, your whole philosophy changes. Catching these moments requires a lot of patience and an eager eye. The viewers who spotted the moments on this list are either very strange or very dedicated. Truthfully, they’re probably a bit of both. We have to admit that we feel a touch creepy pointing out these moments of accidental revealing of their birthday suit. The actors involved didn’t plan to have their privates shown in the film, so us pointing them out isn’t doing them any favors. Each of these actors were either partially naked on screen already or had a strange feeling that their entire boob fell out of their shirt in that take. These things happen. We just happen to be the ones highlighting it.