10 Shocking Theories About Popular Movie Monsters


Here at Screen Rant we are preparing ourselves for the spooky season. We love horror movies, and we also love to take a look at movie theories with you guys. So, grab a torch and come with us as we take a look at ten theories about some of our favourite movie monsters.

We take a look at some compelling theories, such as was Roman Bridgers actually the third killer in the first Scream film? We also look at why Freddy Krueger targeted Nancy specifically – was he really her dad?

In the Swedish horror film Let the Right One in, we wonder if Eli was really just using Oskar to be the next person to take care of them.

We also take a look at the form which the entity in It Follows takes, and the possibility that most of the forms it choses are of its past victims.

We also take a look at how The Evil Dead, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th are all linked by a key source of evil; the Necromonicon, which caused all of their evil powers.

We also look at the possibility that Thomasin in The Witch praying for salvation actually damned her soul and made her entire family a target for the Devil.

We take a look at the possibility that the Blair Witch Project was actually the story of Mike and Josh luring Heather to her death, and using their own supposed deaths to get away with murder.