10 Shocking Theories About AMC's The Walking Dead


Who doesn't love AMC's The Walking Dead? Heck, even people who don't like horror or zombies love it, because it's a great drama series full of suspense and great stories. As a result, it gets a lot of people talking - and that talk can include coming up with theories about the show itself. That's what this video is all about. In it, you'll see the following theories; The Walking Dead may be a story being told by Carl as an old man, after he survived the Walker epidemic and now lives in a new world. The Walking Dead might not be "real" - it could just be a nightmare being endured by Rick Grimes while he's in a coma. Negan might not be what he seems, he could just be using his skills as a con artist and actor to play the role of a ruthless leader as a survival mechanism. A character from The Walking Dead could be related to Madison Clark from its companion series Fear the Walking Dead. The Walker virus may have been created by aliens to help them colonise the Earth. The Walkers in the show may be solar-powered. The Walking Dead could take place in the same universe as Lost. It could also take place in the same universe as Breaking Bad. Rick Grimes' body may react differently to the Walker virus. And, finally, there might not actually be any Walkers at all!