10 Shocking Similarities Between Pixar And Dreamworks Films


There is often a lot of competition in Hollywood, but nothing seems more deep rooted than the box office battle between Pixar and Dreamworks. The films have often been compared for similar story elements, but you would be surprised at how much the films actually have in common. Not only does this include Pixar, but it includes Disney animation as a whole.

Turbo and Cars are not just two films about racing, but there is a deep rooted theme about small towns and local business support. Shrek and Monsters Inc. not only came out in the same year, but they feature similar stories once they are broken down. Madagascar and The Wild are two very similar films with almost exactly the same premise featured in each of them. Aliens are a huge focus in both Home and Mars Needs Moms. The Road to El Dorado and The Emperor’s New Groove were released in the same year and are great buddy adventures. Sinbad and the Seven Seas rivals Treasure Planet as a huge adventure involving ships, pirates, and hidden mysteries. The Prince of Egypt and Mulan feature very similar story elements tied into different historical periods. Stories of rats living the human life were both presented in Flushed Away and Ratatouille. The original war between Disney and Dreamworks all started with Antz and A Bug’s Life. Finding Nemo and Shark Tale were both released around the same time and focused on life underwater. Watch to see all these similarities and how close a lot of the films actually are.