10 Shocking Movie Mistakes That Slipped Into The Final Film


Like any other line of work, mistakes are made in the world of movie-making. However, unlike most other lines of work, movie-making allows for the rectification of said mistakes without any harm being done, thanks to the people behind the movies having the ability to reshoot and reproduce any scenes in which mistakes are made.

That being said, some mistakes actually occur without anyone realising - and that means they can end up being included in the finished production. In this video, we'll take a look at some examples of that happening.

Here are ten shocking movie mistakes that slipped into the final film.


2016's Zootopia has quickly cemented itself as one of the greatest animated movies of all time - and its box office return of more than $1 billion is well and truly justified - but it certainly isn't without its flaws (mostly in the form of continuity errors).

In fact, it's littered with mistakes, one of which occurs when the black panther Manchas turns savage and chases Judy and Nick through the forest. Judy clearly drops her walkie talkie and it falls quite a long way below where she's running. However, a few moments later, it's inexplicably reattached to her belt - and we don't believe she can just call it back to her like Thor does with Mjolnir!


The awesome Deadpool movie featured Ryan Reynolds starring as the titular Marvel anti-hero, who is known for his amazing ability to heal from almost any injury very quickly - but, if the movie is to be believed, his costume has that same ability too!

Of course, it doesn't really, but in Deadpool's epic climactic fight with Ed Skrein's Ajax, the Merc with a Mouth gets stabbed in the head. Not only does his head heal fairly quickly, but the resulting hole in his mask also miraculously disappears once the knife is removed from the wound. I could really use some clothes like that...


The highest-grossing movie of all time by quite a large margin, you'd be forgiven for thinking that 2009's Avatar was the perfect movie. It is, in fact, far from it, as it contains a surprisingly high number of mistakes.

In this instance, the mistake we're referring to happens when Giovanni Ribisi's Parker Selfridge - the corporate administrator for the RDA mining operation in the movie - is practising his putting in one of the RDA's control rooms. He has 3 golf balls and is shown putting one of them - but the other two spontaneously change from being close to each other, to then being apart, to then being close to each other again.

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

Back when George Lucas first decided to make Star Wars, he had absolutely no idea just how big the movie - and indeed the whole franchise - would become. As a result, he probably wasn't quite as careful as he otherwise would've been when it came to the movie's minor details. Consequently, the original 1977 film is littered with mistakes.

One such mistake occurs when Obi-Wan and Luke enter the Mos Eisley Spaceport and trick the Storm Troopers into letting them in by using the force. One particular Storm Trooper, who is standing behind their vehicle, suddenly disappears in an instant. He's there in one shot and completely gone in the next. Given that we don't believe he possessed magical powers, that's an error.

Captain America: Civil War

The highest-grossing movie of 2016 so far, even Captain America: Civil War contained a number of mistakes - and one of them came courtesy of the usually-so-meticulous Robert Downey Jr.

In the scene in which the Avengers first speak to the United States Secretary of State, Thaddeus Ross, Downey Jr's Tony Stark alternates between wearing a wedding ring and not wearing a wedding ring. Downey Jr. is, of course, married in real life, but Tony Stark isn't married in the MCU, so this obviously comes courtesy of some rare absent-mindedness on the part of the Oscar-nominated actor. Bad Robert!