10 Secrets You Need To Know About Black Panther


If you're not yet acquainted with Black Panther you will be, his Marvel feature will be in wide release this winter. So take it from us, in preparation - you'd better bone up on this list. For a black superhero the slings and arrows sometimes can be the hearts and minds of average people, becoming the first hero of colour in a mainstream comic was huge. To Black Panther's credit he's the subject of the first graphic novel. A near flawless hero who has a much depth character wise and he has the proclivity for kicking butt. Like the time he took on the Klu Klux Klan in the deep south which really brought the weight of race relations to light. We also can't forget his romantic in his marriage to Storm which ended with a couple of broken hearts. Spiderman stole his thunder in Captain America: Civil War as a late arriving cast member, diluting Panther's objective role. The Panther could be called the Batman of the Marvel Universe, maybe he's even a little better. He knows when to team up with other heroes but this free agent does it all to guard his beloved nation of Wakanda. It's been a long haul but T'Challa's existed in other forms and almost portrayed by Wesley Snipes. His world view includes protecting it from space invaders with his cohorts, the Ultimates and their record thusly is pretty damn solid! They turned Galactus into a nice guy. What the...!