10 Secrets Venom is Hiding about His Powers


Our tongues are a’flapping about the upcoming release of Marvel’s Venom movie, starring Tom Hardy that’s slated for release in 2018. Knowing this Symbiotes’ abilities and personal baggage, we can only guess what is going to go down in this highly anticipated blockbuster and what secrets about his powers will be revealed. Did you know that the fearless Venom is terrified of loud noises, fire and The Silver Surfer? Or that yummy chocolate is a suitable meal replacement for gross brains? Or that the Klyntar reproduce using eggs or kissing The Thing? How about the time Venom and Carnage battled on the information superhighway? Venom isn’t the apex hunter after all as a race of Xenophage are their greatest predator. Although Venom relies on his host to double his powers it’s luck of the draw, depending on how much the host hates Spider-Man. One of many advantages Venom has over Spidey is his endless webbing, but is that really true? We do know that Venom’s debut didn’t appeal to Spider-Man fans and demanded that Marvel reinstate his traditional costume, but the red and blue leotard can’t think of itself. Don’t forget about Venom’s awesome power of Genetic Memory that grants him access to all of his host’s abilities; the main snag is Venom can’t remember that access code. But at the end of day Venom’s not as evil as he appears and when the Symbiotes’ turned bad Venom was expelled for not being totally rotten to the core. Hopefully some of these will be revealed in the Venom flick but don’t expect Marvel to spill the entire can of beans.