10 Secrets That Spiderman Is Hiding About His Superpowers


Spider-Man’s sixth sense is the bane of his arch enemies but if he’d been in big trouble is he lost this ability. Or could he adapt to such a set back? Or even worse, he could lose all of his powers completely but due to everyday exhaustion or a lack of confidence. Do spiders have shrinks? Because a near death, wait - a total death experience is going to mess with Parker’s head when he is thrust into a conundrum when be became a Totem Spider God. Even a God can talk to those beneath him, like regular everyday spiders but I doubt that they’ll tell him much. Maybe they would have told him signing on to his dumbest idea to date; The Spider-Mobile, turned out to a dead end gimmick.

Another snag is the kill switch that Tony Stark implanted in the suit of armour he build for Peter, you know, in case he decides to defect. Parker discovered he can hide from Death like in “The Other” crossover but a great deal of soul searching gave him some worthwhile powers. However, in simpler times when Peter was struggling to maintain home, school and superhero duties his utility belt was a handy life saver and more than his Fanny Pack. Most importantly Peter needs to hide his identity behind his iconic mask which does a lot more than conceal his face and protect it from his enemies. And at the end of the day we all know Parker needs to celebrate with a hearty meal, or twelve thanks to his super metabolism. Something that is as much a benefit and it is a weakness. Do you think that the Web Slinger should be more cautious about this powers and tech? Just follow the webs to find out for yourselves.