10 Secrets That Spiderman Is Hiding About His Superpowers


Spider Man is arguably one of the more famous superheroes, and definitely the one that we’ve seen the most on the silver screen. We aren’t sure whether it’s his razor sharp wit, cool super powers or relatable character but we all go see his movies.

He has one of the most easily recognized costumes in the world, and Marvel makes a killing by selling Spiderman merchandise to kids and adults alike. We aren’t quite sure what it is, but Spiderman equals sure success in the box office.

Don’t believe us? Just watch how well “Spiderman: Homecoming” is doing in theatres already! We love the movie, we love the superhero and we love the legend. But as we all know, our favourite web slinger has one massive juggling act going on, spending his time between Peter Parker and Spiderman.

Understandably, the secrets are bound to pile up. Secrets about his powers, what he does at night and where all that food goes follow Peter like a shadow. Unfortunately for him, we’re about to spill the beans, and unless you’re super-nerds like us, you never knew these 10 secrets that Spiderman is hiding about his powers.