10 Secrets Iron Man Is Hiding About His Superpowers


In both the Marvel cinematic universe and in the comic books, Iron Man is without a doubt of the most recognizable superhero characters. Whether you call him Tony Stark, the playboy billionaire, the instigator of the superhero Civil War, or plain old Iron Man, people know who you are talking about. Sometimes someone may toss the adjective “philanthropist” in there when referring to Tony, but that one might throw a few people off. No matter whatever you call him, we’re here to tell you, there is more to Iron man than meets the eye.

Despite Iron Man’s claim to fame-- that he’s just a regular human whose various suits help him accomplish superhuman feats-- Iron Man is more than just the sum of his suits. Throughout different comic book, television, and film storylines since Iron Man’s 1968 debut, he’s accumulated a whole host of powers that most people don’t realize exist. Sure, everyone knows the basics – like his flight and weapons capabilities – but we’re diving into the powers that you don’t think about when you think about Iron Man.

Did you know that Tony has access to all the communications systems in the world. Imagine to listening to that chatter! He can detect incoming objects with his radar avoidance ability. You know about his repulsors, but what about his freeze beam? Don’t even get us started on the holographic decoys he can make or how he can absorb the suit into his body. This genius level intellect with an indomitable will has skills that will blow your mind.