10 Secrets Hulk is Hiding about His Superpowers


Hulk is about to smash his way back onto the big screen with his Asgardian buddy Thor in the upcoming MCU film Thor: Ragnarok. In it, he’ll be a space gladiator champion with a thing for smashing people for sport. But the Hulk is so much more than smashing. He’s got a bunch of secret powers that you may not be privy too since we’re so focused on the smashing. Since Ragnarok takes place largely on another planet, how did the Hulk even get there? It’s likely thanks to his abilities. He has great lung capacity and can even regenerate and heal. So while in space, he doesn’t need oxygen for extended periods of time and he heals any damage space might be inflicting on his body. He can also make other Hulks thanks to his gamma irradiated blood, but we likely won’t be seeing Planet Hulk on the big screen for real any time soon. Maybe She-Hulk? He can also punch through dimensions and can see astral projections, so he can actually see Dr. Stephen Strange in the moments where he separates mind from body. Even cooler is that even when he’s in another dimension or in space, he can always home in on Earth thanks to his ability to sense the point where the Hulk was born, thanks to the unique gamma signature left behind. Oh and since we like smashing, the Hulk can actually do that forever. There is no cap on his power, if anything he just gets stronger!