10 Secrets About Spiderman's Web Shooters You Never Knew


Spider-Man is a crime fighting, web-slinging brainiac who is also a teenage boy, who later grows up into adulthood of course. Peter Parker is the man behind the mask and the brains behind the inventive genius. Peter Parker invented his awesome web shooters himself. These awesome gadgets allow him to fight crime and swing from place to place, all of the New York skyline.

But did you know that originally, Pete invented them and hid them underneath the sleeves of his costume?

No one really knows what the web fluid is actually made of, although it has been mentioned that Peter was working with multi-polymer compounds. People have been trying to commercialize his spider silk for a long time now; it is organic and basically the best material out there.

He invented different types of webbing for different situations, like flame and sonic webbing, magnetic webbing, ice webbing, and so much more. Sometimes his webbing is organic, as it was seen in Sam Raimi’s film trilogy.

Did you know that Peter gave Mary Jane a set of web shooters for her own protection, and that Tony Stark helped design them? In the “Clone Saga”, Ben Reilly improved the web shooters and wore them outside of his costume. Spider-Man can run out of webbing, and he often does. In the new film “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, the web shooters will incorporated and they will be outside of his costume, just like Ben’s. Plus we get to see the awesome web wings, we are so excited.