10 Ridiculously Useless Super Powers From Famous Movies


Some Superheroes and their powers are integral to ensuring the world will continue rotating while also keeping citizens safe from all of the supervillains who are always trying to stir up some trouble. These Superheroes usually possess one or a few effective powers and the ability to utilize them in just the right way. However, not all powers superheroes were given are equally handy.

With so many heroes and even more powers, it almost seems unavoidable to have a few pointless and often laughable abilities. Be prepared to be perplexed with 10 Completely Useless Superhero Powers.


An aptitude for archery may be enough to beef up someone’s application to Harvard or to impress someone on their first date but for a super power, it is a bit of a yawn. Hawkeye and the Green Arrow share this rather useless superpower with little else to assist them in fighting evil. Lucky for them, they have friends with much more impressive superpowers. Sure, arrows can slow someone down, but is it really going to do as much damage as almost any other weapon- based power? Not so much. Unless these superheroes are planning on entering The Hunger Games, they should probably let the real superheroes do their jobs. Even as Hunger Games tributes, they may be less skilled at Archery than Katniss who never claims Archery is a superpower, she just happens to be good at it.

Power Ring

When wearing the ring, the superhero has numerous abilities proving to be the most practical accessory for anyone trying to save the world There is a major problem with this superpower, since the power comes from the ring itself, it can be attained by anyone who is sneaky enough to sneak it off the fingers of the likes of The Green Lantern and The Wonder Twins, rendering the heroes useless. No matter how much can be gained from adorning any power accessory, the likelihood of losing or being separated from it, makes it a bit of a risky power.

Enhanced Sight:

If enhanced sight seems like an indispensable power, try telling that to Daredevil. Hawkeye has keen eyesight but seems to have issues with seeing things right in front of him. Wolverine also has enhanced vision, but he also has superhuman healing and retractable bone claws so who cares if he excels reading an eye chart. For superheroes with additional powers, exceptional vision will not increase their odds of defeating their enemies. Enhanced sight is mostly useless because there is rarely an instance where it is an essential resource that could not easily be replaced with a pair of good quality binoculars.


Knowing the future may be appealing for some but terrifying for others. Captain Marvel and Psylocke have this ability but considering their other many much more valuable powers, it is mostly just a nuisance. This ability typically comes in the form of a dream, or may be ignited by seeing or touching something. In theory, the power could be useful but it typically backfires creating, even more, problems. Seeing the future only causes a hero to attempt to change the outcome of events which may be impossible or changed resulting in a butterfly effect causing even more of a disaster. The worst aspect of precognition is the vision is rarely clear and more of a confusing mess of images that most likely means something completely different than the hero originally understood which was proven the case in the season 3 finale of Agents of Shield after a seemingly homeless man with his own precognition provided Daisy with momentary precognition.


Having the ability to speak any language no matter how rare and the ability to communicate with every person not just on Earth but the entire Universe would be a pretty nifty gift for us boring humans, but for superhumans, it is a bit of a disappointment. For Dr. Manhattan, omnilingualism is just one of his many powers and for DC’s Starfire, it would barely even be worth mentioning on her resume considering she can fly. The handiest use of Omnilinguilasm may have been Glory from Buffy the Vampire Slayer as she was able to speak to humans and every specie and sub-specie of demon. However, such a power was still low on her list of exceptional skills. When you consider that a majority of the power could easily be duplicated with a few phone Apps, the power is fairly useless.