10 Ridiculous Reasons Why Disney Movies Were Banned


Children all around the world have been watching Disney movies since the 1930s. They were transported to worlds everyone would like to live in with magic, funny characters, and happy endings. We thought everyone would love the moral of the story that made us believe that good always wins. But little did we know, some Disney movies were not really appropriate for children. Or at least, this is what some grown-ups thought when they decided to ban or censor these films.

The live-action movie “Beauty and the Beast” was recently banned from theaters in many countries. It was the first time Disney presented a gay character on the big screen, but many people around the world were not ready for it. Even if the film was released in 2017, homosexuality was still illegal in some countries at that time, so censors decided to keep their children away from the magic and acceptance of Disney.

Could you believe that Mickey Mouse himself, Disney’s mascot, was banned in a country in 1935? Romanian censors thought children would be scared to see a 10-foot mouse in theaters. But another cartoon featuring Mickey Mouse was banned in the USA too: “The Shindig.” Clarabelle Cow did not wear enough clothes, and many people were outraged by her udders.

If you want to know why movies like “Aladdin,” “Mary Poppins,” “The Little Mermaid,” and “The Jungle Book” were banned or censored, make sure you watch this video and subscribe to TheThings. Today, we are showing you 10 ridiculous reasons Disney movies were banned.