Bad to the bone is the time honored staple of the cartoon villain but what definition are we taking when we say - bad? If you're purpose is to defeat the most cunning hero you'd better have an sick cabal. Sometimes ridiculous plans can best top echelon saviours, a true left field approach. But just make sure that your army can shoot straight or unless you were already planning on redecorate the hanger at Mos Eisley with blaster holes instead of letting the Millennium Falcon escape! No matter how much of an evil genius you are, could be joker, megatron or even Wile. E. coyote, it seems these cats all had some seriously ridiculous plans in motion at some point. Well, if we didn’t, we’d only have bumbling or out of the box thinking for our cartoon antagonists. Depends if you consider somehow using seafood in your amazing coup. Or being transformed into a Donkey? What purpose could that serve?! Who cares! There’s gotta be an awesome story behind it. Or going Corporate and super sizing your plans of world domination with the added convenience of a drive-thru. You’ll have to pay extra for Ketchup! Syndrome on the other hand needs some TLC but then again I’m not so sure that would have helped him develop into a megalomaniacal genius, single minded because of a crappy childhood experience. He seems a bit off so he’s a perfect candidate to unleash some weirdness. Bravo!