10 Rick And Morty Season 4 Rumors We Hope Are True


Well it’s time. Season 3 of Rick and Morty is over and we’re looking forward to seeing season 4. We searched the internet to find our favorite fan theories about what could lay in store for us next season.

Most of our theories revolve around Evil Morty. For example, we’re expecting him to be the main villain, but why is that? Well it could be that he is Rick’s real grandson, and it could also be that he’s Rick’s real ABANDONED grandson. We know that the Evil Rick he travelled with may not even be a real human.

Could it be that the Morty we see left alone in the intro by Rick is actually evil Morty. If he really is the villain of next series could that be his motivation for wanting to get Rick and Morty. After all he seems to have a particular dislike of them both.

But what if we’re completely wrong and the main villain is actually Beth, now that she has the option to explore the multiverse, and she already has an evil streak to her, could we find our heroes fighting against her in the future. We know that she’s more like Rick than we originally thought for and it’s not as though she is opposed to killing people that make her angry. Perhaps this is just the next step in her becoming a villain.

Although Dan Harmon did recently talk about the idea that Rick is still in a simulation and he refuses to say that it’s not true. Maybe the next season will explore the events of M. Night Shyam-Aliens! If so that would put an interesting and possibly frustrating spin on everything we’ve seen since then.