10 Reasons Why Thor Should Be In The Justice League


Marvel and DC comics have been known to do crossovers in the comic books over the last few decades. Here at CBR, we have been thinking about one specific swap that we think is an absolute game changer. With his third film in his franchise coming out this year, Thor: Ragnarok, we believe the God of Thunder should take the Bifrost into the DC Universe and join The Justice League.

We aren’t saying that Thor should replace any of the current members of the League. We want him to fight alongside all Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and all the other teammates. How exciting would that be to see Batman and Thor sitting in the Bat Cave strategizing about how to fight their opponents? If something went wrong, Thor could address the world as himself and none of the other members would have to reveal the secret identity. Fighting side-by-side with Superman, their combined levels of strength could take down anyone in the universe. Thor could take on Black Adam if need be. He would even be able to protect Superman or Martian Manhunter from magical elements if it comes to that. Thor is so versatile and capable that his addition to the team would be a game changer.

After all, he is the God of Thunder, defender of Asgard and Earth, and has one awesome head of hair. Who wouldn’t want to be on his team? Want to know all the reasons why Thor should be a member of The Justice League? Watch our video and find out more about this amazing hero.