10 reasons why the Avengers would beat the Justice League


It’s Marvel versus DC time! No matter what side of the fandom you’re on, you have to admit that seeing these two spectacular teams throw down would be a spectacle for the ages. But who would win? It’s a tough call and here at Screen Rant, we’re presenting the case for the Avengers! Using their combined strength, experience, strategic minds and amazing powers, the Avengers have a great shot at being able to take down the strength driven Justice League team. Whether it’s Thor’s magical abilities to control the weather and his 1000 years of existence giving him an edge, or Vision’s collective knowledge of mankind, Captain America’s tactical thinking or Hulk smashing everything into oblivion, we’re quite certain that the Avengers will come out on top in this confrontation, should it ever happen. We may love heroes like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, but their strength will only get them so far against a united force known as the Avengers. Heck, Dr. Strange can even control time with the help of one of the infinity stones, so that will really come in handy in a battle against the all powerful Justice League. So get comfortable as we discuss why we think the Avengers would come out on top!