It can’t all be Ewoks and Jar-Jars. (And we’ve seen the cut of that movie. Trust us, you don’t want it to be all that.) Though most of the Star Wars films have been rated PG, there are some adult undertones. Who thought a movie with “war” in its name and sub-titles containing “menace” “strikes back” and “force” could be so violent?

We’re not only talking about Jabba the Hutt forcing various species - Twi’leks, human - to put on skimpy clothing and dance around for him. Or even Luke Skywalker having the hots for his sister, Leia. How about Obi-Wan nonchalantly touring a child labor camp in the prequels or that Darth Vader making millions of animals go extinct? Did the janitors on the Death Star really deserve to die? Then there’s nuclear fallout that more than likely wiped out the Ewoks, limbs left and right being lost due to lightsabers and Boba Fett picking up the helmet of his decapitated father…

Even when Disney took over, they didn’t Disney-fy the Star Wars universe. Let’s be honest, there were some pretty grim realities in the films that were all part of Mickey Mouse’s Star Wars. In Rogue One, the scene of Darth Vader silently light-sabering a tunnel of Rebel Soldiers seemed more horror film than space opera. Yes, even when the Light Side is winning, the Dark Side comes through.