10 Reasons Spider-Man Homecoming Will Be The Best Spidey Movie


Spider Man: Homecoming is about to swing into theaters and we couldn’t be more excited. This may be the third Peter Parker to grace the screen in the past fourteen years, but we have a good feeling about Tom Holland’s version of the character and his upcoming solo movie. He’s already dazzled us in Captain America: Civil War, so expectations are high for this movie, which is part of the MCU, to really deliver a Spider Man that captures the essence of the character. The film looks like it’s setting up the right details though, from having a seriously awesome and diverse cast, to having Michael Keaton play the Vulture, a classic villain, along with Shocker and Tinkerer making an appearance. We all know that Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man, born Tony Stark, will serve as a mentor to Peter Parker and we can’t wait to see what their chemistry will be like. Spider Man’s humor is one of a kind and it’s been lacking in the last two iterations of the character, but thanks to the sample we got in Civil War and the trailers, it looks like Homecoming is really going to capture the motor mouth that is Peter Parker. Let’s not forget that this film is also skipping the origin story that we know so well, so we can jump straight to the good stuff. No need to see the Uncle Ben stuff again for a third time on the big screen. Fans know that story and Marvel knows we have.