10 Rare Movie Auditions That Actors Don't Talk About


Every actor and movie star had to start somewhere. And that somewhere is the casting call. No matter how big and famous they are, every famous thespian began their career with an audition at some point. Hugh Jackman had a fluke audition for the role of Wolverine in X-Men and ended up playing the role for eighteen years, including in this year’s Logan. Chris Pratt only played cuddly, burly bros before nailing an audition for Guardians of the Galaxy, proving that he could be an action star. Likewise, Robert Downey Jr. had to prove he could handle the role of Tony Stark, aka Iron Man before being cast in the first movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Harrison Ford thought he was doing George Lucas a favour when he showed up to read lines for Han Solo. He didn’t even know he was in contention for the role, but he was so good that he got it anyway! Other times, an actor might addition for one role, but land another, like when Tom Hiddleston auditioned for the role of Thor, but ended up landing the role of Loki and stealing the movie out from under Chris Hemsworth’s divine, Nordic nose. But perhaps the most impressive rare audition of all belongs to Daisy Ridley, an unknown who landed the lead role in JJ Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens.