10 Powers You Never Knew Spider-Man Had


Everyone knows the story of how Peter Parker became Spider-Man. He gets bit by a radioactive spider and is endowed with all the abilities of a spider and more. Yes just like the song goes, he can do whatever a spider does. He shoots out webs and swings from them from building to building and even uses webs to trap bad guys. But what if we told you, Spider-Man has some way more awesome superpowers? Well if you think about it, a spider has eight limbs right? Why doesn’t Peter? He actually ended up with 6 arms and two legs at one point, after trying to get rid of his powers. Don’t worry though, it all got resolved and Pete went back to looking like a regular human. He also developed some awesome night vision at one point. But one of the most important powers a hero should have is the ability to heal quickly. Spider-Man can withstand some rough and tumble and then get some rest and be all good to go. We think every hero should have this ability.

But let’s not forget the Spider-Man is also Peter Parker, who is just a regular dude. Well sort of. Before he was bitten, he was a smart whiz kid. Actually, he has genius level intellect that may even rival Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Want to know more about what other awesome