10 Post Credit Scenes with Deadpool


Deadpool is a dense film, chock full of bone crushing goodness but what turns a good flick into a great one? We’d say more Deadpool! Duh! Thus far he has two major MCU credits under his belt but somehow that's not enough. How can we get more Deadpool? Post credit scenes! There are many feasible Marvel movie titles that he could barge in on. His world is a self-effacing lark already, obliterating continuity with every deft movement. In the post credits of Deadpool, the Red One riffs hilariously on the infamous after scene from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off". The robe, that wallpaper and the eighties anthem by Yello, "Oh yeah". "Chicka chick-ahhhh!". DP, before shooing the audience from the theatre drops Cable's inclusion in the sequel. Casting is still up in the air but how about Keira Knightley? Why not, she's got range. But has anyone else like the X-Men, or any other MCU stars returned the favour by granting DP access to the treasure trove of after scenes in their MCU outings? This would delight us because his inclusion would mean more Deadpool in future affiliated flicks. But alas, as you can see he's still waiting on the sofa, staring at a phone that isn't ringing. He's lonely, just look at him. He plays well with others and he can cut his own hand off, if that's worth something. To boot, he'll bring the needed levity with his zingers. Give Wade a little love because we'd love to see more of him.