10 Popular Superheroes That Couldnt Live With Their Superpowers


Superheroes have become a guiding light, a beacon of hope for many of us and for many generations. They are super after all. They face incredible hardships, and through it all they always seem to prevail in one way or another. But sometimes, even the best heroes face challenges and moments that just get to be too much for them, and they can no longer keep on living. And just like real life, it is is totally unexpected when it happens. We’ve compiled a list of some of the superheroes that have decided that can’t keep on living.

The famous Spider-Man villain, Venom is notorious for being terrifyingly evil. But it was revealed that Venom’s host, Eddie Brock actually had cancer before he joined with the symbiote. Brock decides to sell the symbiote and die of cancer out of guilt. Our beloved Dark Knight, Batman, actually revealed that he had tried to end it all after the death of his parents. Luckily, he ended up changing his life and dedicating it to fighting crime as Batman. The Incredible Hulk should come as no surprise, as Bruce Banner has had it pretty rough. In The Avengers, Mark Ruffalo’s Banner reveals that he tried to off himself with a bullet, but the other guy spit it out. If you want to know what other superheroes made this list, click and watch out video to find out.