10 Popular Movies That Copied Disney Movies


Disney movies are known for their iconic scenes, characters, and moments. Throughout history multiple generations have seen these films play out in theaters on home video, and now through multiple digital formats. Despite the widespread use of Disney films, many other movies have copied scenes, plots, and themes to create stories of their own. The following ten films feature these copied scenes and moments.

When the Secret Life of Pets debuted, it felt like a fresh and funny comedy showcasing a world of animals. The more that people analyzed the movie, the more they realized that the film is almost a direct clone of Toy Story. Beauty and the Beast often gets criticized for the way the Beast traps Belle and then falls in love with her. The Chris Pratt film Passengers does practically the same thing and has many similar story elements. La La Land was praised for it’s great singing, strong story, and incredible dance numbers. One dance scene actually mimics the ending to Sleeping Beauty. Bambi features a tragic story involving the death of Bambi’s mother. Trying to take emotional cues, The Land Before Time delivered the same emotional impact using a similar story structure. Lady and the Tramp will always be remembered for the infamous spaghetti dinner scene. Many films have duplicated this scene including Flushed Away and Rugrats in Paris. The comedy 9 to 5 is a great story of women trying to movie up in the workforce. Once fantasy sequence replicates the world of Snow White and features a lot of similar elements. You couldn’t find two more different movies than Austin Powers and Aladdin, but the rescue scene towards the end of the film showcases very similar moments. The journey in the Lion King and Return of the King is very similar for multiple characters. The little seen Disney Man of the House actually features a lot of similar scenes and themes as the Hunger Games series. Wonder Woman and The Little Mermaid are very different movies with an island crash scene that is extremely similar. Watch all of the copied scenes inspired by Disney movies!